Dog Poison at Blaize Estate?

While walking the dogs in the last couple of weeks I have had information that dogs have recently been poisoned at blaize.

Can anyone confirm this?

I am not walking dogs at Blaize at present until all is clear.


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Dog Training

Hi. Just a quick note to say we are now offering one on one training sessions to help you get the most from your relationship with your dog. I’ve learned from many customers and people out and about that there are so many simple things that they are struggling to overcome with visits to trainers etc. I’ve took ten or fifteen minutes to show them how to understand and handle their dog and it has solved the problem just like that.

The key is really about teaching the owners how to handle their dog, how to understand their dogs body language and how to use theirs to achieve the results that they want. So, if you have any behavioural problems such as pulling on the lead, recall, jumping up, barking etc get in touch, and we’ll show you how to solve it without spending a fortune on lots of unnecessary training sessions.

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What have you got lurking in your garden?…

So, spring looks as though it might arrive any time it feels like it and no doubt we will all soon want to get to grips with the garden – and so will your dog if he’s anything like ours!

With this being the case I thought it would be very informative of me to make a list of some of the most common plants that you might have lying around, and you definitely don’t want the dog tucking into. So before you get the gardening gloves out, read on…

Plants and flowers that can cause rashes:

Poison Ivy
Poison Oak

and that can cause upset stomachs:

Poison Ivy

Those that can cause organ damage:

Azalea (in small amounts)

And that can cause death:

Azalea (in large amounts)
Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)
Sago Palms

Hopefully this helps – if you know any more please let me know and i’ll add them to the list!

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How to find the perfect pup

It’s a big step for any potential dog owner. You’ve decided to get a dog and have settled on a puppy, so what next?

Do your research. It sounds silly but so many people don’t and the poor dog ends up in a rescue centre. Don’t dive in and get the first puppy you see, you need a puppy that is right for you and your family and comes from a responsible breeder. Consider how much time you will have to spend time with the dog – both when they are a puppy and when fully grown – and how long that you are prepared to walk them each day. Different breeds have different energy levels so create a shortlist of breeds that matches your lifestyle.

Once you have settled on a breed find out where breeders are based and research each of them in detail. Ask for previous buyers details and get in contact with them, look at where they are kept and how they are cared for and insist on seeing the mum and dad. This ensures that you are not buying a puppy from a puppy farm which is vital as the fewer customers they get the, more likely they are to shut down – and you get a healthier pup.

Before you get your pup home make sure you’ve stocked up on necessities such as food, bedding, training pads, collar, lead and toys, and research for any help you will need such as dog sitters and dog walkers (we can help with that!).

After that you are ready to welcome him into your home! Be sure to train him well and take him to puppy classes to ensure you have a well balanced, well behaved dog who becomes a valued member of the family!

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